Fun, Fun and More Fun!!

Cooling off in the pool

All campers are given the opportunity to swim twice a day during instructional swim and free swim. During instructional swim the lifeguards will teach campers how to swim and be safe in the water. During free swim campers are allowed to play and swim with campers of all ages.

Challenging yourself on our Ropes Course

Camp Olmsted has two ropes challenge course activities. The High Ropes Course consists of a collection of cables that are extended between trees about 30 feet in the air. The low ropes course also consists of cables, as well as planks, rope, tires etc. The facilities are extremely fun and very safe. There are certified climbing instructors who will lead this activity and instruct you and your group when using the course.

Hiking and Adventure

All campers have at least one hike, many are up Storm King Mountain, a trail that starts right at the base of Camp Olmsted. The younger groups hike up to the first level where they can then sit on the rocks and look out on the camp and the Hudson from above. Older campers often climb to the top of Storm King Mountain, which upon reaching the top and seeing the Hudson Valley's panaramic views, instill in the campers a sense of accomplishment and leaves them with an experience they will never forget .


Recreational During recreation the campers engage in different sports and games such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, jumprope and tennis led by an activity leader.

Other Activities

Kiddies Kitchen

At kiddies kitchen campers and counselors learn how to cook meals and treats.

Evening & Nightime

Every night campers are involved in different programs and performances. On some evenings camper groups will be performing plays that they have written or dances that they have choreographed. On other nights they will watch movies or be entertained by skits that the camps counsolers perform for them.

Hobby Hut

At hobby hut campers are led through arts and crafts projects. In addition to regular projects done just for fun, groups will use time in the hobby hut to work on props and costumes for the evening programs. The arts and crafts projects in the hobby hut are intended to encourage creativity, imagination and group work.

Creativity Center

In the creativity center campers read, draw, write, use computers and do a number of projects or play games under the direction of the activity leader. The Creativity Center offers projects that allows the campers to think about themselves, their lives, and their surroundings while honing their computer skills.