Creative Center with Computer Lab  
Campers complete writing projects, do research and play educational games. In the creative center campers participate in activities designed to stimulate their mind and creative process.  The center is equipped with computers, books and other materials for reading, writing, group projects, research and other activities all done under the direction of the activity leader.

Hobby Hut

Arts and crafts projects specially designed for each age group. At the hobby hut campers are led through arts and crafts projects by the Activity Leader. These projects are designed to encourage creativity, imagination, group work and foster an appreciation of art. In addition to regular art projects campers may use the time in hobby hut to work on props and costumes for the evening programs.

Kiddie’s Kitchen
Campers prepare special snacks and treats. This activity incorporates nutrition (through the preparation of healthy meals and snacks) and math (through the incorporation of measurement). This activity is led by our cook and/or an activity leader.    

Hiking Adventures

Campers make trips up scenic Storm King Mountain and along the Hudson River. All camper groups have at least one supervised hike up Storm King Mountain which is located at the back of our property and a supervised trip to the Hudson River which is located about 10 blocks from our property. The younger groups hike up to the first level of the mountain where they can then sit on the rocks and look out on the camp and the Hudson from above. Older groups often climb to the top of Storm King Mountain, which takes about two hours. These hikes not only give campers a sense of accomplishment, they let them experience nature in a way they never even imagined.   

Museum Trip

Campers take a trip to the Museum of Hudson Highlands. Campers in the youngest and middle age groups will go on trips to the local Museum of the Hudson Highlands. During these trips campers will see exhibits on birds, insects, dinosaurs, etc.  There is also an outdoor section where they can do more advanced studies.


All campers are given the opportunity to swim at least twice a day during instructional swim and free swim sessions. During the instructional swim period our certified lifeguards teach campers how to swim and be safe in the water. Campers may also learn different games that can be played in the water. During free swim period campers have fun in the pool. They are able to interact with friends and peers and put into practice what they learn during instructional swim.

Campers participate in various sports, games and fun! During recreation the campers engage in different sports and games led by an activity leader. Participation in such sports and games promotes physical activity and fosters a spirit of teamwork.

High and Low Ropes Courses

Campers participate in any of our ropes course activities (high ropes, low ropes or tower climb). The High Ropes Course consists of a collection of cables that are extended between trees about 30 feet in the air and a climbing wall.  The low ropes course also consists of cables, as well as planks, rope, tires etc. The low ropes course serves as a teambuilding exercise and the high ropes course gives campers the opportunity to face their fears and build their confidence. This activity is led by certified climbing instructors and it is one of the camper favorites. 

Chapel Service
Olmsted is a Methodist Camp, therefore daily prayers and chapel service are a vital part of the camp program.  Each meal service starts with a non- denominational prayer. Twice a week the campers have chapel service (Sunday morning and Wednesday night). The chapel services will be led by clergy volunteers, the program director or lay people from various Methodist churches.